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Saturday Pots Dealin’: Updated Again

January 5, 2012

SATURDAY UPDATE: The strawberry pot and face pots are sold, as well as some of the smaller planters … but there’re still plenty left. Ignore the posted prices; my goal is clearing out, so come by and help me open up space.

SUNDAY UPDATE: All pots are spoken for. Thanks everyone, I know they’ve gone to good homes!

Oh-kay … my recent attempt at auctioning off my collection of large terra-cotta pots was a bust. I received a single bid and it was bogus  *le sigh* … So, in the interest of moving on and achieving my goal of full garden decor divestment, I’ll be selling the terra-cotta singly, on-site, this Saturday only, 9am to whenever they’re all gone …

Also: I’m adding in some other large-ish earthenware pots (white, glazed) and — wait for it — the face pots that have flanked the Rancho’s back gate forever! I’d noticed an inordinate amount of attention being paid to them by passers-by, so they’ve been chained in place from the beginning; but now I’m ready to let them go … Here’re some tips …

There’s been lots of interest expressed in the huge terra-cotta strawberry pot, same with the face pots, so in the interest of fairness I will take all full-price bids, put them in a hat and pull a winner for each at exactly 9:30am … Get here early;  all other pots are for sale on a strictly first come, first served basis! Plus: Keep in mind that most of these are really heavy … super-heavy, in some cases, so bring muscle, a big sturdy dolly, and a truck. Additional pot measurements and prices follow:


SATURDAY ONLY, Jan. 7th, 9am to all-gone; 4380 Isabella St., Riverside CA 92501


Parking is prohibited on 14th St.; avoid a ticket and park on Isabella St.

Pot particulars, including prices:

–Strawberry Pot: Thick, dark terra-cotta featuring multiple plantable pockets from main body. A full 3-feet tall, it’s top opening is 15″ in diameter; the base diameter is 24″. This planter is a sure attention-grabber and will complement a variety of settings. It’s pockets are planted with vibrant sedums and topped with a opuntia. $300
–Palm Pot: This large-mouthed pot is planted with a ponytail palm currently and features a lively patina. A palm relief circles the top of pot. The diameter of the opening is a wide 28″ and its overall height is 25″. $100
–Curved Urn: This large vintage container features a shapely urn-like shape. It’s small opening is 10″ in diameter and its overall height is 25″. Planted with a ghost euphorbia, it’s a striking combination of contrasting colors. $100
–Aztec Cylinder: Planted with a filling golden barrel cactus, this colorful cylinder features Aztec relief designs. The opening measures 16″ in diameter and 16″ overall height. $75
–Floral Cylinder: Raised floral motifs rim this pot’s opening, which is planted with a large succulent rosette. It is 18″ in diameter and 13″ tall. $50
–Golden Bowl: This low-slung bowl is planted with a variegated agave is a colorful accent piece with its fluted sides. It is 21″ in diameter and 8 1/2″ tall. $50
Mexican pot with ocotillo: A large terra-cotta planter, planted with an amazing and twisted Ocotillo (dormant in this picture). The pot itself is a traditional urn-shape with an 18 1/2″ in diameter opening. It is 15″ tall. In the spring the Ocotillo is bristling with tiny green oval leaves … a beautiful and sculptural succulent. $75
Mexican Pot: This very large earthenware pot is from Mexico and features an attractive painted and distressed finish. It includes attractive handles and is large enough for a small tree or collection of plants, like the succulents it contains currently. Its opening is 25″ in diameter and is 29 1/2″ tall. $100
Vintage Tripod Pots: A pair of vintage terra-cotta pots featuring three attractive tripod legs with circular openings. LIke deep bowls, these thick-walled pots are perfect for succulents. The opening is 17″ in diameter and 13″ tall. $90
Glazed white, thick-walled, low bowl planters: Four of these, originally from Ikea; all 2′ in diameter and 8″ tall. Planted with various succulents. $25 each
Face planters: Two sizes; large: 24″ in diameter, 15″ tall, planted with agave; small: 18″ diameter, 11″ tall, planted with aloe plicatilis. Both made of tinted composite material. $150 pair
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  1. January 5, 2012 6:26 am

    Not the face pots! Oh darlin’ how could you!?

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