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Line, Light, Movement

November 10, 2010

Big slice o' sky

Tunnel … basket … giant snake skeleton … the covered walkway at the Dos Lago’s center in Corona, evokes all of those things. Huge curved ribs of rust-colored steel create a sinuous frame, while thin lengths of bamboo make contrasting connectors; the entire structure curves languidly between two manmade lakes, the namesake dos lagos. As shown, above, openings designed into the framework allow the sky to show through in jagged slices. It’s really unexpected and beautiful. Sunlight shines through the bamboo, creating shadow-echoes on the hard path underfoot. Dark, light; open, closed; curved and straight: they’re all here in one structure that creates a sense of wonder and draws us through to the far end between the lakes.

The long view

Looking from a distance, the center of the tunnel seems to dip and sink beneath the water of the twin lakes. Here, the steel ribs are completely open, without bamboo connectors …

Ribs and falls

… actually, the water of one lake flows into the other via a waterfall on one side. Standing in this open-ribbed area, with the sound and motion of the rushing waterfall, is very serene … the din from the nearby 215 Freeway is almost completely blocked.

Looking back

The open-weave effect of the bamboo, and the directionality it creates, is really propulsive. The tunnel’s elements silhouetted against the bright sky make me feel as though I’m inside a line drawing with a strong visual motion.

End zone

Emerging from the tunnel, I can’t help but look back … and, I have to stop myself from going back and doing the walk in reverse. A large part of the enjoyment this structure provides comes from the sun streaming through its linear elements. Lights inside it made us wonder what it must look like in night’s darkness, with light shining out of it … I’m guessing that it must look like a giant, glowing snake-lantern, reflecting in the water of los dos lagos. We’ll have to make a trip soon to see if I’m right.




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  1. Miss Moni permalink
    November 10, 2010 5:43 am

    How cool is that! Public art that takes you on a journey and transforms at the same time.

    • reubix1 permalink*
      November 10, 2010 5:57 am

      Exactly! and at a shopping mall in Corona… thanks for commenting.


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