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October 12, 2010




Back home from my morning walk, I’m anxious for a bowl of cereal, some coffee and some yardwork. But, halfway through the bowl I sense the morning’s light suddenly becoming colder … Looking outside our living room’s rear window, I’m amazed to see that a fog bank has rolled in out of nowhere. It’s settled in the valley occupied by the historic Evergreen Cemetery behind our house, transforming it into a suitable spirit stroll.


The stones


The sun’s still out but its light is now being coolly-filtered through a thick scrim of haze. Neighborhood trees now look far-off and floaty, while earthbound headstones stand stolidly. It’s very quiet … too quiet?


The Coffins


On the perimeter, the Coffins have made a space for themselves. Archie, Anna and other Coffin kin are gathered here … With such a large stone I’m sure the Coffins enjoyed prominence in this town. I can’t help but I wonder if, as children, Archie suffered for his ultimately-appropriate surname …


So quiet.


This part of Evergreen, the historic part, no longer accepts new members. According to the official website for the cemetery, there are 1,500 people buried here. Walking the cemetery in this bizarre fog, I can almost imagine meeting some of them … thankfully, this doesn’t happen.




Almost as suddenly as the fog appeared, it is burned away. The sun, with an aggressive push of heat, has banished it. No longer seeming like a good place for a ghostly jaunt, the Evergreen again feels like what it is: The end.



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  1. October 13, 2010 1:00 pm

    My grandparents and father are buried in that cemetery and my mother will join them someday. Just seeing this picture brought back memories of my youth in Riverside. I grew up there but currently live in Fort Worth, another hot part of the country. My father worked for the city in the Street Tree division so I understand your comment in an earlier post about the ubiquitous palm trees. Alas, those trees can’t grow here in Texas.

    • reubix1 permalink*
      October 13, 2010 2:22 pm

      HI, Ann, thanks for leaving a comment … I hope my posts brought back some happy memories for you!

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