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September 18, 2010

Above the roofline

My garden blogger chums at Far Out Flora were pining for a view of our agave potatorum in full flower, and I know how they feel: it’s still holding out on us, keeping its floral secrets undercover. The branches, or panicles, have stretched out further and there are more buds festooning them, but those buds are still very much tightly closed. Overall the stalk has grown further: it’s now 86″ long … This means that with the pot, the agave itself, and the stalk, the entire production is 120″ tall and has cleared our roofline! As the stalk has lengthened, it’s caused the agave to lean more; at the base the added pull is beginning to dislodge, just very slightly, the agave from the ground. Is this the way the end begins? I’ll wait and see, I’m not ready to think about that yet. Right now, I want to see flowers!

Secrets inside

Looking at the panicles — and their buds — blooming seems imminent. I told myself I would just wait and be surprised by whatever flowers appear, but I broke down and did a Google image search. There weren’t may examples but what was there was pretty spectacular. I’ll continue to keep watch and post as soon as they appear. Note: One of the pups of this amazing agave has made an appearance at its new home in Portland, Oregon. My pal, Loree, of Danger Garden blog, has pictures of the former SoCal pup here. Like a proud parent, I’m pleased to see it looking so happy!

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  1. Megan permalink
    September 18, 2010 5:40 pm

    Love it!!! We found a cool spot for our new baby. I’ll take a pic soon. Did you see Cactus Jungle’s pics of the “Butterfly Agave”? The flowers look really cool.

    P.S. There’s a new film/lens for hipstamatic!!!!

    • reubix1 permalink*
      September 18, 2010 5:41 pm

      Thanks for the link, Megan, this is fueling my anticipation even more!

  2. September 19, 2010 1:32 am

    Ruben you should see the roots this pup is producing….they are amazing. I’ll take and send you a picture (did I already promise that?). Yours is looking fabulous! Now I understand why you aren’t worried about it tipping the pot over. It looks very substantial.

    Oh and I love your house! That window looks amazing!

    • reubix1 permalink*
      September 19, 2010 4:33 am

      I’d love to see Junior’s awesome roots… thanks for the house compliment: one of the reasons we loved this house so much was the vintage metal casement windows… and of course its concrete block walls…

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