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Ooh, 102°

July 17, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Until this week I had been fairly optimistic that this Summer would be a mild one. June gloom, with its morning and evening coolness, seemed to be lingering, so much that I actually wore a light sweater to work one day. Silly, optimistic me … this week Summer arrived with all the subtlety of an open blast furnace door. Being at work in L.A. each day (where it’s at least 20° cooler than here in Riverside) it was easy to dismiss reports from family and friends as exaggeration. Being at home today, Saturday, I now feel like they weren’t giving me the true story: it’s staggeringly hot outside!

They don't mind...

And, it gets hot early, too … at dawn, it’s nice, but not cool … by 8 a.m. I can already feel the heat coming. But, an hour later I know I’m in for it … and, the prickling on my skin tells me it’s only going to get worse. By lunchtime it’s over: a trip out for sandwiches leaves me in a full-sweat, and it’s so steamy AC hibernation is my only option. Thankfully, I have a DVR-full of reality and forensic programming, Judge Judy cases and cooking and design shows to entertain me while I wait for sundown. Not that that makes much difference … in fact, the other night after working late and arriving home near dark, the train door opened and I wanted to beg to stay aboard. Stepping out, it felt like I’d pulled on a too-small, still-damp, steaming hot sweater from the dryer after running a 10K: it was not only hot, now it was humid, too! There is hope, though, and tomorrow it’s only supposed to be in the high 90s. (Oy, gevalt!) And, not everyone’s complaining. Frito and Inky were outside lying on the hot concrete in full-sun, and our lizard friends are finding the steaming-hot gravel and concrete perfect conditions for midday jogging. Why am I sharing all of this with you? To make those of you in more temperate climates bless your lucky stars; and to share solidarity with others bearing the brunt of Summer’s fiery wrath elsewhere: I’m with you. Just don’t get too close — it’s too hot for that!

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