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Still Light

March 23, 2010

Light's on!

I just got home from work and it’s still light out … and I can see everything! During the past winter months it was really starting to get to me not seeing the Rancho ’til the weekend. Now, I’m able to get home in time to enjoy at least an hour of light in the yard, or, walking for work/commuter decompression, and I love it. I’ll use this post to share some of the sights I got to enjoy tonight. The view above is a planted area between the tiers just outside the rear of the house, and the second lot out back. Since the rains, everything has just really taken off and some succulents are enormous… I love being able to see this profusion — all the colors and the lush foliage of different types … It’s so soothing to be around after a long day getting to and from work …

Well-lit group

Near the garage, an eclectic assortment of pots contains a group of succulents and other plants. Again, different foliage shapes, sizes and colors give off lots of good energy. A large aloe in the back has produced a flower stalk so tall it’s now visible on the other side of the fence. The yellow blooms are favorites of mine and a they’re a nice change-up from the usual salmon-y orange.

Templo del Sol!

The pagan temple! Centered around my one-of-a-kind container alive with acrobatic homunculi, this area is a celebration of concrete in every form. There are concrete cones stacked atop each other, concrete pavers, concrete pots, chunks of concrete from the previous front walkway, concrete rings and meandering Greek key-festooned troughs that actually match the ones I bought at the garage sale yesterday. Providing a backdrop are salvaged industrial steel windows (from an estate sale) and metal hanging baskets filled with cascading succulents. This area’s in constant flux and I never know what direction it will go off in next … it all depends on what’s waiting for me on craigslist or at the next garage sale or flea market … It’s just great being able to see it — and it’s not Saturday or Sunday!

Slope into the light

Outside the fence, the back slope is still covered with floating yellow clouds of Cassia artemisioides blossoms. Plus, there are aloes with orange blooms, agaves in various shades of green, blue and yellow, and boulders of every shade to take in. That’s Mt. Rubidoux in the background … you can’t tell from this view but it’s crawling with hikers, strollers, and their pets, all getting in some end-0f-the-day exercise. It seems like everyone loves the light.

Still lit out front

In the front yard, a loose swath of succulents and boulders bisects the front walkway. Across the street is a UCR facility for water conservation. It, like the Rancho, is a work in progress, and they’ve recently added a fountain, more trees and plants, as well as other garden features. I love living across from this facility almost as much as living across from the cemetery behind us: as neighbors they’re both very quiet, sparsely populated and nice to look at. Having gotten home, taken the time to take these pictures, and changed clothes, it’s STILL light out. Time for that Zen walk …

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  1. mattisalomaki permalink
    March 24, 2010 2:02 pm

    Your color punch is on overload. I love when the day light shifts to the evenings. Matti

  2. March 24, 2010 3:39 pm

    ah, the pagan temple! Great homage to concrete in its multiplicity. Our “local stone.” Wonderful tour, thank you!

    • reubix1 permalink*
      March 24, 2010 4:05 pm

      ‘Local stone’, I love that!

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