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We Have a Winner!

March 11, 2010

RR’s first-ever interactive project has ended and the votes are in: Peek-a-Boo Foliage is the clear cut winner of the lampshade contest. Out of the hundreds of visitors to both The Times’ Home section blog, and this one, there were 85 votes cast on the interactive poll. Peek-a-Boo came in first with 52 votes (63%); Seeing Sunspots was number 2 with 21 votes (18%); and third was Blooming Branches with a scant 11 votes (14%). Response was overall very positive for all the designs, but the punchy apple green winning shade’s winsome cut-outs won out. People kept asking me which I preferred and I kept vacillating, switching faves by the hour. I think now my choice is Sunspots. I just really like the simplicity of the look as well as the humbleness of the materials: colored tissue and glue — so, there you go. Now it’s up to Jan which of the shades she prefers. Maybe she’ll take them all and switch them out at her whim, who knows? This was a lot of fun and there’s a new project already in the works that deals with outdoor lighting, so watch for that. And, thanks for voting!

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