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Sun Day Praise

March 1, 2010

Sun day color spree

With a virtually cloud-free sky, today was all about the sun … and what a perfect day! Perfect for getting out and doing all those gardening chores, like raking up tree debris and clearing all that muck around the bases of plants the rain kicked up. It was also a day to take stock of how great the all the plants were looking after their recent extended baths. Fresh-faced, not a bit thirsty, and in their Sunday best, all the plants faced this warm day head-on. Back-lit by the morning light they really were all aglow, and with all this color as a background I couldn’t grouse at having to do chores …

Pride full for Spring

My ‘Pride of Madeira’ has really taken off in the wake of all the rain. Almost 3 times as large as it was last year, some branches actually broke off under their own weight. Soon, spectacularly  huge spears of purple/blue flowers will appear, and I can’t wait to post pictures here when it happens.

Flower of my aeonium

A monster aeonium looks like a green rose on steroids. It’s almost 2-feet across now and doesn’t look to want to quit growing anytime soon. Around its base, little aeoniums are in hiding, waiting for just the right moment to show off their own petal power.

Hooking sun rays

The zig-zagging foliage of  this shrub hooks the day’s early rays and uses them to back-light its newfound yellow blooms. The blue-green/yellow combo seems to be a garden fave right now and I think it’s a great between-season color story.

Darkness in the light

More aeoniums, this time a variety called schwarzkopf (black head, in German), don’t seem as inky while looking the sun full in the face. Maybe their usual dark mood has been lightened by this post-shower display of warmth and light?

Sunny sweet black Olive

One of the best (and most fun) parts of working outside in the garden is that invariably someone stops by to say hi, and how much they like what we’ve done at the Rancho. Today was no exception, and we were happy to meet, and show around, a self-described ‘succulent chick’ named, Kendell. She was terrific and offered to drop by some cuttings of succulents she has — that I don’t — from her own collection. Can’t wait! This is one of the reasons it’s so fun being part of the succulent club: everyone shares. Also, Kendell had with her the cutie you see above, the irresistible Brussels griffon, Olive. Moving right in and checking everything out, Olive was enjoying all the sun, and attention, she could get during her visit. The sun on her coat really brought out her inner beauty and she almost purred in contentment when petted. Getting chores done on a bright, warm day; chatting with — and petting — lovely visitors; enjoying the colors and new growth in a contented garden … all made for a truly great Sun Day!

Note: Kendell, if I mispelled your name, let me know and I’ll update with the correct version.

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  1. March 2, 2010 2:58 pm

    It is such fun to watch new eyes explore the garden. (Speaking of which…do you think you’ll open the Rancho for tours any time soon?) That sweet little Olive looks quite at home. Love the blue-green/yellow too (acacia?)

    • reubix1 permalink*
      March 2, 2010 5:20 pm

      Hey, Denise… I’d love for you to come by sometime, let me know what’s good for you. It really was hard to let Olive go! Since Pucci’s exit we’ve been looking longingly at others’ little dogs… I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember the name of the blue-green/yellow plant — readers, help us out!

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