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That Empty Feeling

February 8, 2010

Where's the party?

So, today was supposed to be a party day. After I impulsively made the invitation early in the week, several of our Long Beach chums agreed to come out. The plan was a nice lunch at a downtown trattoria, followed by champagne and dessert at the Rancho. Sadly, it was not to be … sickness, previous engagements, Superbowl parties … suddenly it was off. Which was really for the best as Paul was not feeling that well either. Sigh. I was really looking forward to blogging about it, too. But, why waste a clean house? This is that post, only with less fun and festivity. Living room looks great, right? That’s Ricky and Charles Boyer on the TV. Lucy marathon today …

Kinda quiet ...

No one’s hanging out in the kitchen. Sunny, though. Nice pops of color.

Nice and open ... wide open.

Intermittent sunlight today. All kinds of space. Really warm, too.

Unobstructed view.

Absent revelers, the backyard’s sightlines are uninterrupted. A slight breeze breaks the hush.

Paul in repose.

Under the weather, Paul contents himself with a sunny window seat and some reading. He assures me the wine will store. Sigh. I guess.

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