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Ferox Report

January 24, 2010

Front yard fire

I’m feeling much better today, partly because the rains have officially stopped. At least for now… so, until Tuesday, when they’re supposed to resume, I venture out to see what all that water hath wrought. And, I’m happy to see, the answer is not much. There’re a few fallen branches from surrounding trees here and there, but aside from that it’s just sodden debris and leaves. Phew, not bad. While making my rounds, I’m dazzled by the front yard’s aloe ferox. Its flower stalk still blazes orange but I notice something new …

The downward trumpets

Looking closely I notice that the some of the many buds on the stalk have changed: now there are dark brown, almost black, trumpets pointing downward out of them. And, they’re outlined in orange, with orange-tipped black stamens. Spectacular! Here’s hoping that the rains of last week will have a similar effect on all my plants and they’ll produce similarly unexpected displays.

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