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January 24, 2010

You don't say?!

Today is so gorgeous Paul and I head out to the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center to take in the afternoon sun. We love going there because there’s always something new to see: new terraces, new planted areas surrounding the nursery area, new prehistoric greeters, like the toothy fellow above. The staff who work in the nursery area are always very friendly and today’s no exception. We’re treated to a personal tour of the grounds beyond the nursery — somewhat rushed, as the staff is anxious to close up for the day — but we still get to see terrific plantings not seen without a guide. And, this is when we get the news …

Buck + aloes = excitement

Our guide informs us that succulent expert, Buck Hemenway, will be having one of his Aloe Walks next Saturday morning! Last year we were lucky to be introduced to Buck by our neighbors Bruce and Bonnie, and we were allowed to shop at his great Prickly Palace, picking up some amazing succulents and cacti (including the aloe ferox featured in the previous post). Best of all, though, we were treated to a tour of Buck, and his wife Yvonne’s, home, and it was like being on a succulent/cactus acid trip! Fantastically colorful, interesting specimens were everywhere, in every shape and size. I’m hoping to finagle another visit soon so I can treat everyone to pictures here. You’ll be wowed. Buck is personable and extremely knowledgeable, being a global expert on succulents and other plants, so being part of a tour with Buck as guide, is exciting news. Plus, this is the 10th anniversary Aloe Walk with Buck (some of the aloes in question were planted up to 40 years ago!) — check the end of this post for details. We’ll definitely be there, join us!

Jurupa Center sights

Aside from aloes, there’s lots more to see and enjoy. The two top pictures, above, feature energetic, colorful agaves so large they seem almost scary. So beautiful, though, with their undulating arms. You have to see them in person to appreciate their full presence. The last picture displays the variety of cacti and succulents installed in terraces and planted areas on the grounds, some of them so large they’re awe-inspiring.

Where dinos roam

Awesome, too, are the life-size prehistoric creatures roaming the grounds in Jurupa. They’re made from a variety of materials, including painted concrete and rusted steel, and make up in personality what they lack in anatomical exactness. I love them — they’re like huge folk art sculptures and complement the plants perfectly, as so many of the large succulents and cacti on site look primordial. Drivers on the 60 Freeway may not notice the Jurupa Center as they whiz past, but it’s hard to miss the huge rusted steel mammoth with upright trunk on the hillside next to it. I wish more would turn at the mammoth and check out this local cultural landmark. The museum and tours are interesting and lots of fun; click the Jurupa Center link at the top of this post for information on Dino Tours of the grounds.

10th Annual Aloe Walk, with Buck Hemenway, January 30, 2010; Jurupa Mountain Cultural Center; 9:30 to 11 a.m., 7621 Granite Hills Drive, Riverside CA. (951) 685-5818

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  1. Bonnie Reynolds permalink
    January 30, 2010 3:28 am

    since I get mentioned here I feel compelled to say these are great photos of Jurupa Cultural Center; they do have some stupendously large plants and I love looking at them. Also, it is fun to read your blog and love the designs on your t-shirts, etc. You are soooo talented! Bruce & I have put in some new plants recently so come by and take a look…

  2. reubix1 permalink*
    January 30, 2010 3:36 am

    Thanks, Bonnie! Of course, you were mentioned, it’s because of you we were able to hear about and meet Buck! If you and Bruce go to the aloe walk we’ll see you there… and thanks for your kind comments about my many projects.


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