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Raining, Pouring …

January 22, 2010

Fish out of water — swimming with water

… and this ol’ man was snoring well past his usual wake-up call at 5am. I’m taking a sick day as I haven’t been feeling well for the last 3 days. The whole week has been a wet one, but being inside all day at the office I was scarcely aware of all the wet excitement going on outside. Flooding, mudslides, freeway shut-downs, power outages, I missed all of it getting to and from home to the train, and Union Station to the office. So, waking up to the steady beating of a heavy rain on the roof, warm and dry, was comforting. Getting up and looking out the window everything outside looks saturated, literally.  Colors are darker and somehow brighter at the same time. Outside the living room door, the Mexican terra cotta fish is full of water, big drops still splashing clumsily into the opening on its back. In the background the little concrete baby (Hay-seuss) sits in a puddle looking off into the distance, completely oblivious to his wet bottom. Weird. Could I be feverish …?

Sunbeams and raindrops

Oh, wait. The sun’s out suddenly … and it’s still raining! Lit from behind each drop is jewel-like and exquisite. Catching on the outstretched arms of a tree aloe they resemble the holiday lights trimming many people’s homes last month. Thinking this sunshower might be signalling the end of a rainy week I look up the weather report and find that thundershowers are still slated for later today. Hmmm …. I think I’ll take some aspirin and go back to bed to wait for my thunderous wake-up call.

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